tools to organize my financial life and business

These Tools Help Me Organize Business and Life

My goal for 2017 was to organize business and my life. I am an incredibly disorganized. That said, I never said I didn’t try organizing my already chaotic life. I always try to organize my finances and my business. Nevertheless, I think it’s not yet too late.

My Organization Requirements

I live my life both on my phone and the computer. As much as possible I want the connection to be seamless.

I started organizing with my finances then business then my life. I am an information hoarder. Everything informative, I gobble up like an addict. It’s hard. I cannot erase that but I would have liked to access the information in one area as much as possible. So here:

The Tools that Help Organize Financial Life

One of the areas I really streamed down was my finances. First of all, I had several accounts here and there – from my investments, deposits, savings and insurance. I connected everything online. Before, I had accounts here and there. I had accounts in 3 banks for various things, separate accounts in insurance,  a health insurance, a mutual funds account, and investment account.

What I did with my Finances

I consolidated my ATM accounts, insurance accounts and mutual funds account. My whole life insurance and VUL insurance did not escape from scrutiny. I did most of them online thus I do not see my money. Because of this I do not need to spend unnecessarily. Here’s what I did: atm cards to organize business

  1. Consolidate ATMs. I always separate my accounts. My main account is where I withdraw and distribute my income. My other account is where I have my long term account. It has a free insurance on it ten times my balance.
  2. Cancelled my Whole Life Insurance.  It’s not practical for me and I don’t think I need it. I have a term life insurance and according to my calculations, it’s enough to secure my family for 2 years assuming expenses are the same.
  3. Setup my ATM to deposit every month to my investment accounts. Yes because you know. Adulting is hard.

The contraption I did saved me about 30 minutes every month. It also saved me from the bank’s queue, from incremental weather and from everything related to laziness.

What I Did to Organize Business

You may now know that I am a lazy person. So I did most of my work automatically for a productive day. Here’s what I did:

  1. Automated proposals – I have my templates in my email. Moreover, there’s a common template for proposals, for invoicing and various things in between. If you are using gmail, this will be very easy. The automated proposals use my email which is in Gmass.
  2. Built my Email Sequences – I have email sequences for email follow-ups, sales and other related stuff. For my email sequences, I use Gmass. It’s lightweight and just enough for my needs. I particularly like GMass because I use Gmail. You can use Gmass inside Gmail so there is no need to learn any other thing except the very intuitive Gmass.
  3. Evernote – I save random stuff in the internet. Evernote is my saver. When Evernote gets tired of me or if it goes away, I have Google Keep to keep me company.
  4. Slack – This is our life saver. There are bots we use to hail Uber, to schedule meetings, and other related stuff like project management. The one feature we really like in Slack is because it loads fast. We don’t email each other at the office. We use Slack. Check out our review about the chat apps we use at the office.
  5. Trello – This is our default project management tool. Trello is very easy to use, loads fast at it has a mobile app. This is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool for our team.

In conclusion, these tools helped me organize my financial life. There is no need to complicate it. If these tools and tips helped you, feel free to share.  I will also share resources in a page so it will be easier for you and for me to look up.

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