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6 Tools, Hacks, and Resources to Use for a Productive Day

Tools and resources to use in the office are essential if you want to have a productive day. As a small company, we always have to optimize our usage of time without compromising on health and time with the family. That is why we are very strict with regards to time usage. We have to start working at the proper time and finish working at the end of the day. We keep our tools, resources and hacks at the minimum to avoid overload. In the office, we observe the following:

  1. Standing meetings. We implemented standing meetings because it’s much more efficient for us. We are able to accomplish much in a short amount of time just because everyone of us stands. Our meeting does not last more than 15 minutes. For our meeting to be productive, we designate someone to take notes and save it in Slack. We also decide immediately especially whom to assign particular projects and clients since we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  2. We do most of our Team Chat and Communications in Slack. It’s good that Slack has some todo, git, pingdom and a lot of apps to automate some of our tasks. Our team is more immersed in Slack than in facebook. We do our to-dos in Slack. We are notified when our site goes down via slack and we deploy our code also through slack most of the time. pomodoro technique
  3. Pomodoro Timer to track time. Pomodoro timer is a saver. Because of the pomodoro technique, we have become more aware of time and consequently became productive as a team.
  4. Personal Notes are done on Evernote. Evernote is one of the best note taking apps out there. While its limited now, I am still using it as long as it’s free.
  5. We Store our Documents in Dropbox. We use dropbox for documents for storing documents such as contracts. There is no need for me to distract a concentrating co-worker with a poke. There is no need to ask where it is kept. We just go to our team folder and find the file.
  6. Passwords are in LastPass. We have an incredibly large number of online accounts. We don’t even know any single one of them. Good thing there’s Lastpass. It is slightly better than Google password manager because it can also fill out information aside from username and passwords. Lastpass can fill out your name, address, and other related information, even your credit card. It is incredibly secure and our go to tool for all password-related things.

Tools and Resources to Use

All these applications are available on the web, Android and iOS. All of these help us become productive while on the road. As long as we have internet, it seems that most of us are only in the office. These tools and resources to use are free. We are bootstrapping our company so we would save as much as we can.

We are creating our curated tools and resources page so we can share to you anything you need for your business.