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Internal Happenings at our Company

Folks at our company have been very busy lately with different plates in our table. While I have been very busy lately, I stole time just to update our company’s latest happenings.

Since our team’s inception, we have been accepting web maintenance services for WordPress sites, create various PHP and Mobile systems and general web development work. There have been various restructuring in the past so we can optimize our process (a frequent business challenge), save on costs (without letting go of our great team mates), and maintain our startup vibe (it’s not ideal but it works for us). And now our updates, (drumroll please).

Our Top 3 Mission

1. We will now focus only on our core competencies. Hell yeah. It was our mantra before but we really did not follow it. Money was tight and we cannot choose our projects. Any project that comes to us, we grab just to keep food in our table and money in our pocket. 🙂 Now that we are beyond that, I think it’s now time to focus on who we really are and what we stand for. With this in mind, our services side will be separated from our software development and maintenance. They might be physically with us but they will be on a different reporting line and we will have different metrics.

2. We will still create customized software for SMEs. I confess this is the hardest part of our decision. Saas (Software as a Service) is a lucrative and not a very time-intensive job compared to custom software. We only need to build one product, market it and milk our customers like crazy every month. Software for SMEs is a different beast altogether. In our many dealings with different businesses, no two companies are really alike. While SMEs may share the same framework, they all have different needs and thus different codebase. We made it this way in order to optimize the processes happening inside the server. Software for SMEs is again, I confess, hell. I’d like to think that our work is both a mission and a vocation. The internet is still very slow in our place and SMEs will be heavily compromised if we build software over the internet.

3. We don’t intend to disrupt anything. What we only want is to be a part of people’s lives and make it better. We don’t have grand plans to change the world and become members of the three comma club. Our only ambition is to lessen the workload of fathers, mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends so their life may revolve around their kids, sons, daughters, parents, husband, wife and friends. If we can make a dent in your life like that, then we will truly be satisfied.

Where We Would Like to Heed

I envision to make Allout the go-to resource for custom development of business software for SMEs. We will continue with our mission of helping businesses compete in this new landscape. If you need custom web development, maintenance of your existing website, or development of school systems, accounting software, POS or any any system for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us