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127 Credit Card Application Forms – Apply Fast Here!

Don’t you wish there’s a single page about credit card application forms where you can land on and take off? I had that same problem yesterday. I became tired of googling for the bank, click through their application form which is about 3 clicks deep.

I wasted about 8 hours searching, reading the fine print and applying for a personal credit card. That is why I decided to share the credit card application forms from each bank so you too can easily apply.  Just holler on this page, then click through the application form. The more applications, the better.

How to Use These Credit Card Application Forms

Credit cards have their requirements and terms. We have included the most basic ones like the card issuer, published interest rates, required minimum income, and annual fees.

Sorting the table is also possible. You can easily sort credit cards according to bank, interest rates, annual fees and salary.

Also, you can search for a particular credit card when you use the search function at the upper right corner of the table.

Credit CardBankIssuerInterestAnnual FeeAnnual IncomeApply
Credit CardBankIssuerInterestAnnual FeeAnnual IncomeApply
Easy MastercardAUBMastercard2.95%0120,000Apply Here
ClassicAUBMastercard2.95%0250,000Apply Here
GoldAUBMastercard1.60%0600,000Apply Here
PlatinumAUBMastercard1.60%01,200,000Apply Here
ClassicBankcomMastercard3.25%1200120,000Apply Here
GoldBankcomMastercard3.25%2500455,000Apply Here
PlatinumBankcomMastercard2.95%01,200,000Apply Here
ShopmoreBDOMastercard3.50%1500180,000Apply Here
StandardBDOMastercard3.25%1500180,000Apply Here
Forever21BDOMastercard3.00%2400180,000Apply Here
BenchBDOMastercard3.00%2400180,000Apply Here
Installment CardBDOMastercard2.00%1000120,000Apply Here
GoldBDOMastercard3.00%2400420,000Apply Here
TitaniumBDOMastercard2.50%3500n/aApply Here
PlatinumBDOMastercard2.50%4500n/aApply Here
ClassicBDOVisa3.50%1500180,000Apply Here
GoldBDOVisa3.25%2400420,000Apply Here
Blue from AMEXBDOAmex3.25%1620180,000Apply Here
Amex Credit CardBDOAmex3.25%1600480,000Apply Here
Amex GoldBDOAmex3.00%3000850,000Apply Here
Platinum Credit CardBDOAmex2.75%50001,800,000Apply Here
Cathay PacificBDOAmex3.25%1600480,000Apply Here
Cathay Pacific EliteBDOAmex3.00%40001,200,000Apply Here
BPI FamilyBPIMastercard2.00%1000180,000Apply Here
BPI E-CreditBPIMastercard3.50%0Apply Here
BPI AmoreBPIVisa3.50%2050180,000Apply Here
BPI Amore PlatinumBPIVisa3.50%50001,000,000Apply Here
EdgeBPIMastercard3.50%1320180,000Apply Here
BlueBPIMastercard3.50%1550180,000Apply Here
Gold MastercardBPIMastercard3.50%2250480,000Apply Here
Petron - BPIBPIMastercard3.50%1550180,000Apply Here
SkymilesBPIMastercard3.50%2050180,000Apply Here
Skymiles PlatinumBPIMastercard3.50%50001,000,000Apply Here
Cash Back CardCitibankVisa3.50%3500250,000Apply Here
Shell CitiCitibankVisa3.50%2500250,000Apply Here
Mercury Drug CardCitibankVisa3.50%2000180,000Apply Here
PremierMiles CardCitibankVisa3.50%5000360,000Apply Here
Rewards CardCitibankVisa3.50%2500250,000Apply Here
Prestige CardCitibankVisa3.50%12000n/aApply Here
Hyundai CardEastWestMastercard3.50%2000180,000Apply Here
PlatinumEastWestMastercard2.75%01,800,000Apply Here
GoldEastWestMastercard3.50%2500480,000Apply Here
Dolce VitaEastWestMastercard3.50%2000300,000Apply Here
Everyday CardEastWestMastercard3.50%2800480,000Apply Here
ClassicEastWestMastercard3.50%1500180,000Apply Here
PlatinumEastWestVisa3.50%1500480,000Apply Here
Practical CardEastWestMastercard3.25%1400120,000Apply Here
Red MastercardHSBCMastercard3.50%1200200,000Apply Here
Gold Visa CashbackHSBCVisa3.50%2500200,000Apply Here
Platinum VisaHSBCVisa2.75%5000500,000Apply Here
HSBC AdvanceHSBCVisa3.00%2500n/aApply Here
PremierHSBCMastercard2.75%0n/aApply Here
ClassicLandbankVisa3.00%1000240,000Apply Here
GoldLandbankVisa3.00%2500400,000Apply Here
StandardMaybankMastercard3.00%1000180,000Apply Here
GoldMaybankMastercard3.00%2000450,000Apply Here
PlatinumMaybankMastercard3.00%3000600,000Apply Here
ClassicMaybankVisa3.00%1000180,000Apply Here
GoldMaybankVisa3.00%2000450,000Apply Here
PlatinumMaybankVisa3.00%3000600,000Apply Here
Manchester UnitedMaybankVisa3.00%2000450,000Apply Here
Peso PlaninumMetrobankMastercard3.50%4500800,400Apply Here
World MastercardMetrobankMastercard3.50%60005,000,000Apply Here
Travel PlatinumMetrobankVisa3.50%4500800,000Apply Here
Femme SignatureMetrobankVisa3.54%4500800,000Apply Here
DollarMetrobankMastercard2.75%$80600,000Apply Here
Femme VisaMetrobankVisa3.54%2000180,000Apply Here
ClassicMetrobankMastercard3.50%1500180,000Apply Here
M FreeMetrobankMastercard3.50%0180,000Apply Here
M LiteMetrobankMastercard2.78%1500180,000Apply Here
GoldMetrobankVisa3.54%2500480,000Apply Here
GoldMetrobankMastercard3.54%2500480,000Apply Here
ON InternetMetrobankMastercard3.54%500180,000Apply Here
ToyotaMetrobankMastercard3.54%2500180,000Apply Here
RobinsonsMetrobankMastercard3.50%2000480,000Apply Here
Femme-ICanServeMetrobankVisa3.54%2000180,000Apply Here
PSBank CreditMetrobankMastercard3.54%0180,000Apply Here
The Bistro GroupMetrobankVisa3.50%2500480,000Apply Here
PlatinumPNBMastercard3.25%2500480,000Apply Here
EssentialsPNBMastercard3.25%1200180,000Apply Here
PAL Mabuhay Miles WorldPNBMastercard2.70%0480,000Apply Here
Mabuhay Miles PlatinumPNBMastercard3.25%3000480,000Apply Here
Diamond UnionpayPNBUnionpay3.25%0180,000Apply Here
AIM Alumni MastercardPNBMastercard2.50%0180,000Apply Here
Jewelmer Joaillerie MastercardPNBMastercard3.25%0480,000Apply Here
PNB AlturasPNBVisa3.25%0180,000Apply Here
Xavier School AlumniPNBMastercard3.25%0180,000Apply Here
De La Salle AlumniPNBMastercard3.25%0180,000Apply Here
ICAAA AlumnaePNBMastercard3.25%0180,000Apply Here
The Travel Club PlatinumPNBMastercard3.25%0480,000Apply Here
Complete CashbackSecurity BankMastercard3.50%3000360,000Apply Here
ClassicSecurity BankMastercard3.50%2000180,000Apply Here
GoldSecurity BankMastercard3.50%2500440,000Apply Here
PlatinumSecurity BankMastercard3.25%40001,300,000Apply Here
Click MastercardSecurity BankMastercard3.50%3000260,000Apply Here
Mastercard WorldSecurity BankMastercard2.50%5000180,000Apply Here
Getgo PlatinumUnionbankVisa3.50%50001,200,000Apply Here
Getgo VisaUnionbankVisa3.50%3000600,000Apply Here
Miles+ PlatinumUnionbankVisa3.50%3000600,000Apply Here
Cebu Parklane Hotel UnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
ClassicUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
GoldUnionbankVisa3.50%2500600,000Apply Here
PlatinumUnionbankVisa3.50%3000600,000Apply Here
PlatinumUnionbankMastercard3.50%3000600,000Apply Here
Riviera Golf ClubUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
Home DepotUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
Insular LifeUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
The North FaceUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
Shop & TalkUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
BurgooUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
RacksUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
Mapfre InsuranceUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
De La Salle - CSBUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
Don Bosco AlumniUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
SillimanUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
UP AlumniUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
Ateneo AlumniUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
PMAPUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
Alpha Phi OmegaUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
SouthwesternUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
CEUUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
San BedaUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
Couples for ChristUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
World Wide FundUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
HaribonUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here
Red CrossUnionbankVisa3.50%1500600,000Apply Here

Banco de Oro (BDO) Credit Card Application Forms


BDO Shopmore credit card application BDO Shopmore Mastercard – Earn higher Rewards Points for your purchases. Plus, enjoy Rebates and freebies from your favorite retail brands. 125/month membership fee. 3.5%. Get a free SM Advantage Card too!


apply credit card form

Bdo Standard Mastercard -Pay in hassle-free installments and enjoy special deals when you shop anywhere. 125/month membership fee. 3.5% interest.



BDO Forever21 Mastercard – Get 21% instant rebate every 21st of the month and 10% instant rebate on all other days. Plus, enjoy 21% discount on your birthmonth. Earn 21x points during SM 3-Day Sale and 3x credit card points for purchases made at any Forever 21 store nationwide. 200/month membership fee. 3.25% interest per month.


Bench Credit Card Application Form

BDO Bench Mastercard – Enjoy 20% OFF every Monday & 15% Birthmonth Discount at any Bench/Partner Global Brand nationwide. Cardholders get 10% OFF at Bench & Free State Online Stores. Earn 2x credit card points for purchases made at any Bench/Partner Global Brand nationwide.


BDO Installment Credit Card Application

BDO Installment Card  – The card that gives you financial flexibility and accessible cash for your every need! Get cash up to 100% of your credit limit and pay in easy monthly installments of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months. Plus, it comes with a revolving credit line feature so that your monthly payments will restore your credit line, allowing you to re-avail cash. No need to reapply.

Application BDO Mastercard Gold

BDO Gold Mastercard – Accumulate Rewards Points everytime you swipe and get instant treats when you shop, dine, and spend anywhere. 2,400 membership fee. 3.25% finance charge.


Titanium Mastercard apply here

BDO Titanium Mastercard – Enjoy the ease of paying for your local and international purchases either in Philippine Peso or US Dollar, enjoy the highest travel accident and inconvenience benefits coverage and use your Rewards Points to redeem miles for your travels. 3,500 membership fee. 2.75% finance charge.

Platinum Mastercard Application

BDO Platinum Mastercard – Enjoy the ease of paying for your local and international purchases either in Philippine Peso or US Dollar, enjoy the highest travel accident and inconvenience benefits and use your Rewards Points to redeem miles for your travels with six free Supplementary Cards for life. 4,500 membership fee. 2.75% finance charge.



Visa classic application

BDO Visa Classic – Get exclusive treats and pay in hassle-free installments when you shop anywhere and enjoy waived card fees on the first year.


Sign up for visa gold

Visa Gold – Enjoy year-round dining and entertainment privileges and treats. Get the best rewards when you use your card overseas and online. Plus, get a comprehensive travel accident and inconvenience insurance when you travel abroad.


American Express

Blue Am express credit card application

Blue from American Express (Basic) – Worldwide emergency medical and legal assistance and exceptional selection of year-round offers and fantastic savings.



American Express Credit Card – Get exclusive travel benefits wherever you go.



AMEX Gold Application

American Express Gold – Enjoy premium perks privileges when you travel.




BDO Amex Cathay Pacific – The faster way to build Asia Miles™.

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

BPI Family Credit Card – The BPI Family Credit Card is a basic, no-frills credit card. Annual income requirement is 180,000.00 and finance charge is 2%.

BPI Express Credit

BPI E-Credit – If you already have another BPI Credit Card, having another free credit card for internet shopping is a logical choice. BPI E-Credit is more secure, has no annual fee, and free! The first ever virtual credit line designed for Internet Shopping. You can only have this if you already have another credit card from BPI. Finance charge is at 3.5%

BPI Amore Visa Application Form

BPI Amore Visa – If you visit Ayala  Malls frequently, Amore Visa is a good choice for a credit card. Your BPI Amore Visa allows you to enjoy mall perks and privileges. At the same time, it lets you earn shopping rebates as you spend in your favorite shops, restaurants and establishments at Ayala Malls. Income requirement is 180,000.00 and finance charge is 3.5%

BPI Amore Visa Platinum – If you earn 1,000,000 yearly, you can have BPI Amore Visa Platinum as your credit card. With BPI Amore Visa Platinum, you get to enjoy a maximum of P25,000 rebates per calendar year. Various perks are also in store for you such as discount on cinema tickets, unlimited use of lounge, and reserved seats to mall shows. Annual fee is 5,000 and finance charge is 3.5%.

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)

HSBC Premier – With HSBC Premier, you have a dedicated relationship manager. You qualify for HSBC Premier in the Philippines, if you maintain a minimum Total Relationship Balance (TRB) of PHP4,000,000, or its foreign currency equivalent. Your TRB would include your deposits and investments.

Red Mastercard – Get 4x Bonus Points on local and overseas shopping and dining transactions. Redeem items, Gift Cards, and air miles using your accumulated bonus points. Exclusive privileges await at over 27,000 establishments in 160 countries. Annual Fee is waived on the first year.

Gold Visa Cash Back – Get up to 5% cash back on dining transactions and .50% cashback on all other transactions. You earn a 10% rebate on your first Caltex fuel purchase plus 3% rebate all year round. Exclusive privileges await at over 27,000 establishments in 160 countries. Annual Fee is waived on the first year.

Platinum Visa –

Advance Visa

Premier Mastercard