wordpress and custom software

This is What We Say to Companies Who Want Their Custom CMS

When we are pitching a CMS to companies, we make sure to present WordPress to them. Unless really necessary and too customized do we really go for full customization.

That is why, we first stick with WordPress because as long as it’s coded well and you followed WordPress conventions, your client is good to go.

The primary factors why WordPress is a good CMS is because of the following:

  1. WordPress is Proven. This CMS has been tested and proven to work across servers, web hosts, and various other tools and APIs in the internet. WordPress is continuously developed by programming experts worldwide and they are very responsive.
  2. Easy Administration. Even for new users, WordPress is very easy to use. This is specially helpful if the business owner is the sole site administrator and has no budget for Managed Services.
  3. Stability and Security. WordPress works in different environments. So if they need to transfer their CMS to a different server, WordPress is sure to work 99% of the time. It is also secure. If there is a security hole found in WordPress, programmers immediately
  4. SEO-Friendly. A CMS that is SEO-Friendly at the core is hard to come by. Only WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are CMSs that are SEO-Friendly and if you want further customization, it is easy to do it via plugins.
  5. WordPress Design can be Changed Easily. That’s right. With the themes in wordpress.org, you can easily change the way WordPress looks in a matter of a few minutes. Or if you want to customize it further, you can easily do so using child themes, visual composer, or any other 3rd party plugin.
  6. WordPress has an Incredible Community. A successful software is always backed by a generous community behind it, and WordPress sure has one of the most helpful communities on the internet. There are scheduled releases, WordPress geniuses who are good in what they are doing and an incredible amount of plugins and themes around.

Why Clients Want their Own CMS

Now that the benefits has been laid out, there is still something I wish to emphasize.

You see, some of our clients really insist on having their own CMS because WordPress is just “too common”. Anyway, there was a company who really wanted their website to be customized. Not wanting to let go of the business, the website came in customized.

Because of that, today, they are having problems with compatibility. Google is actively campaigning for Accelerated Mobile Pages, Facebook has Instant Articles and Apple is deploying Apple News. Right now, clients who opted for a customized CMS are between a rock and a hard place. They want to upgrade their systems to accommodate the change but at the same time some don’t have the budget yet to implement it.

With WordPress, you only need to install plugins to accommodate the change and change some settings. Media is going to be multi-channel and the major platforms do not really work well together. For WordPress, it’s a common problem with developers. Since the community is very helpful, supportive and generous, they release plugins for use by the community. It’s a win-win for everyone. And it’s more efficient.

When Do You Need a Custom CMS?

A custom CMS is what you need if it’s something that will be hard to do with WordPress. As the most used CMS in the world, WordPress is also the most hacked program out there. Among others, here are other reasons why you need a custom CMS.

  1. You want it extremely lightweight. WordPress loads fast enough. However, when there are loads of plugins installed, be a significant reduction of speed is observed. When you go with custom CMS, bloat will be eliminated because you will only include the necessary features you need in a program.
  2. You want your CMS to not become a subject of a bot attacks. While WordPress is the most widely used CMS, bots also roam around looking for vulnerable WordPress websites. Even a low-traffic site with no human visitors will have bots trying to hack into the WordPress login system. With a custom CMS, hacking will be less frequent because the bot will have no data to work with to be able to hack into your system.
  3. You have unique needs. Sure it is easy for WordPress to include social sharing, SEO, custom post types, contact forms in the site. But if you want extreme customization, a custom CMS is what you need.
  4. You have a budget. A Custom CMS is expensive. It also takes a lot of time, effort and talent to implement. As such, we really ask our client to go with WordPress if budget is a concern.

I hope the information is sufficient for you to decide whether you want WordPress as a CMS or a customized one. If you want any of theme, send us a message so we can discuss further.