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10 Chat Apps we Tried for Our Team Chat. Here is What We Chose

When building ideas together in a team environment you need a reliable means of communication. The people you work with should all provide their own ideas while keeping everybody on the same page. This is easier when working together in the same physical office space. But what about communicating remotely or working around the world?¬†Facebook chat just does’t cut it. For one, it might be banned in our corporate environments. Enter chat apps for team chat.

We Checked Out 10 Chat Apps, and We Narrowed it Down to 3

I wanted to present 10 of the best tools for managing a chat system, either one-on-one or a team chat. There are plenty of free products and even a few paid ones that can offer more than just instant messaging. But each communication tool is different and you need to find the one that will best fit your needs. But if you are a small business who just needs a chat application that works complete with attachments and other bells and whistles, here are those:

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Our Top 3 Chat Tools

1. Slack – slack was the best communication tool we used. It’s the one we always return to even though we were trying other chat applications. Believe me that our team tried many things. But this is always the chat we open. We can attach files, there are notifications in the background so you don’t need to open it time and again, and of course it’s free for the entire team. You only need to have a corporate email which you can get for free from your hosting btw, and off you go. There is also no need for a new team member to be told about what you have discussed. Subjects can be categorized, there is a direct message feature and the new user only needs to scroll for them to be updated.

2. Hipchat – hipchat is our runner up chat application. It’s almost the same as slack but I think it’s a bit slower than slack. So if slack is not around, I guess we will go with hipchat.

3. Allo – Our team was very much entertained when we used Allo. Allo is a google product so you are assured of its quality. You are not just assured of privacy. Among the most intelligent chat apps we used was Allo. We can directly ask the AI human questions and it will respond intelligently. So if you want to be entertained and want trivias, Allo will keep you entertained. We just didn’t use this because this has no desktop application.

These are just 3 of the chat apps we tried before we settled with slack. Among those we tried were the following:

Other Chat Apps We Tried

1. Messenger (Yahoo and Facebook Messenger)

2. Google Hangouts

3. Skype

4. Email (Microsoft, Google, Yahoo)

5. WeChat

5. WhatsApp

6. Line

7. Viber

8. Kakao Talk

The best chat apps for you really depends on what your company needs. As for allout, we found out that our work habits rhyme with slack and choose to spend most of our chat times there. You might have some very specific needs about your chat app and it’s up to you to decide. If you have some other suggestions, please do hit the comment button or send me an email.


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