• About Us

  • It's a Different World Out There

    The businessman of today cannot rely anymore on the traditional pen, paper, directory and other “offline” materials. It’s now a different world out there. The world is bombarded by a dozens of technologies emerging everyday. We gather these resources into our website. Use it and be part of changing the world for the better. 

  • Who Are We

  • Your fellow life forms who are businessmen like you.

  • Our Mission

  • To help you navigate in this crazy, new, technology-dependent world.

  • What We Do

  • Internet marketing,  social media integration, email marketing automation.

  • Why We Exist

  • We work to earn the right to be your trusted partner. One that you can turn to for professional help in strategizing, creating, developing, executing, and maintaining your internet presence.

    We take the long-term view. Even if your project seems small, our work should integrate into the big picture. We craft web architecture that are easy to use and to share. We build social network footprints on sites like linkedin, facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr, yelp!, and google my business and integrate them into your website to leverage social marketing.

    We help you set up and execute email campaigns, with search engine marketing, with site copy and content and anything else that you need in order to have a successful Internet presence.

    We work with clients to grow their sales, improve their brand recognition, and manage their online reputation.

  • Our SDEM process

  • 01

  • Strategize

    Here we ask the question: what should your software do? How does it fit into the greater scheme of your business?

  • 02

  • Develop

    We develop the software according to your strategy and business process. We also assist you in formulating a project plan to fit your timelines.

  • 03

  • Execute

    The developed software is tested according to real-world scenarios, user tests and should pass quality testing.

  • 04

  • Maintain

    The software should run like a well-oiled machine. It should be a software that just works.

  • Why choose us?

  • Wide Experience

    Our team has a wide experience of working with various clients around the world - from small to medium businesses. 

  • Worked with Various Systems

    We have worked with various systems across different industries using different technologies. We also created Accounting Systems, School Management Systems, Point of Sale and Lending Management Systems.

  • Award Winning Support Team

    Our support team includes real human beings at the other side of the line. We respond within 24 hours.

  • 87

    Projects Completed

  • 102

    Happy Clients

  • 156K+

    Lines Of Code

  • 1K+

    Cups Of Coffee

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